Rats and Mice

Pest Control for Rats & Mice

At Rid of Moles we deal with pest control for rats & mice in both domestic and commercial situations.

Rats & mice pose a significant health hazard as well as being perpetrators of costly damage. These pests are probably the one that get under a customer’s skin more than any other.

Calling me is one step towards peace of mind.

Why Consider Pest Control for Rats and Mice?

What are the risks?

Rats & Mice have long been considered deadly pests with most urban areas battling infestations.

Rats have the ability to swim up sewer pipes and will infest any area that provides shelter and access to food and water. 

Mice are widespread throughout the UK and are usually more troublesome in autumn as they search for somewhere to overwinter.

Mice and rats can be dangerous to have in and around your buildings for more than one reason. First and foremost they can cause structural damage and be a fire hazard as they are prone to chew through electrical wires, furniture and insulation. They can also post a significant risk to health due to rodent-borne illnesses and often bring parasites such as fleas and ticks with them too.

Both rodents are rapid breeders, and the longer they are allowed to stay in your home or business, the more damage they can cause. 


How can Rid of Moles help?

Whilst one might be okay with removing one or two with traps it can become far more of an arduous task if you have more than a couple. When this is the situation it’s time to hire Mark Clark as he is a professional trained to use the best methods be it rodenticide or traps to eliminate your rodent problem.

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