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Rid of Moles

About Us

Rid of Moles is owned and managed by Mark Clark. Based in Sevenoaks Kent, Mark offers a professional and humane Pest Control Service. He has many years experience and is a true expert in his field.

Mark has been involved in pest and vermin control for most of his adult life. His interest in the early years came from his involvement in gamekeeping and shoot management, as well as traditional methods of vermin control. After many years honing his skills as an amateur Mark then went on to become a full time professional Mole-trapper, some twenty years ago.

At first he worked predominantly in the agricultural sector in Norfolk. Then, after many years of working in East Anglia, he finally moved back to Kent where  “Rid of Moles,” became a limited company.  

At this point Mark also expanded his skill set to include many other species of pests and vermin in order that Rid Of Moles can offer a comprehensive repertoire to prospective customers.

Our Ethos

Rid of Moles is passionate about maintaining a high standard of traditional and humane pest control expertise, and works to provide the best possible service across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

How We Work

We specialises in a grass roots, old school approach, involving the use of traps and nets. Shooting as well as ferreting are also techniques that are regularly applied, when found to be fitting to the situation. Baits and poisons are used on occasion but Rid of Moles firstly seeks to use more humane methods if at all possible or feasible.

Where We Operate

Rid Of Moles works within a twenty five mile radius of Sevenoaks that includes  parts of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Mark is more than happy to quote for domestic, industrial and agricultural jobs, contract work is also undertaken.

Our Pest Control Services

We offer Pest Control services across Kent, Surrey and Sussex for:

Based in Sevenoaks providing Pest Control services across Kent, Surrey and Sussex